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Girl, you’ll be a woman soon

HuffPost Women has a new campaign called “The Moment I Knew I Was a Woman, Not a Girl” in which users submit videos chronicling their exile from Girlville. It’s an interesting question, especially considering how dangerous it feels to be Living While Female these days. And it strikes to the core of gender, really. Because … Continue reading

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The Frankel Files Part 1: On acceptance and unconditional love

I think Bethenny Ever After is my transformational messaging gateway drug. But I have always said that it is in the mundane, every-day spaces that we usually find something special, even transformative. That’s why you get your “Aha!” moment in the check-out line at the grocery store. That’s why you have so many good ideas … Continue reading

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This International Women’s Day, let’s connect and inspire girls!

Happy International Women’s Day! What, you didn’t know it was International Women’s Day? Wait, you did know that March is Women’s History Month, right? Okay, okay. Maybe International Women’s Day is not at the top of your annual holiday calendar. But there’s good reason to be thinking about this 101-year-old tradition. So what is IWD? … Continue reading

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Tell Hallmark to stop stealing from local LGBT greeting card company Teazled!

Folks, we need to step up and help one of our own. LGBTQ greeting card company Teazled, which was founded by a fantastic lesbian couple and is based right here in Las Vegas, is in a fight over intellectual property and copyright infringement with the megalith Hallmark. (Full disclosure: The couple go to my church.) … Continue reading