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Do you celebrate your period?

Earlier tonight I was in a room filled with women who were all talking about one thing: menstruation. Sounds like every guy’s worst nightmare, right? Well actually, it was by turns funny, insightful, inspiring, and frustrating. And no men were hurt in the process. See? We come in peace. Or rather, we menstruate in peace. … Continue reading

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At least 10 things I never thought I’d do, that I’ve done since becoming a mom

While I am recuperating, here’s a classic post on new motherhood that I originally posted last summer on The Sin City Siren. I hope you enjoy! The Motherhood Make-over: There are many things I have come to realize now that I am a parent. The chief among these is that before now, I did not … Continue reading

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Raising confident girls with healthy relationships to their bodies and their sexuality

Right after providing for her basic needs, one of the important tasks I have as the parent of a daughter is how to raise her to love herself, her body and her sexuality. How do I raise her so that she feels confident in herself and respects herself? So she knows her worth and is … Continue reading